Step into the world and legacy of David P. Garner, Jr. at Marlsgate Plantation. Martha Ellen and Beau Talbot extend a cordial welcome to all guests who travel to the Arkansas Delta seeking a glimpse of the plantation culture of the nineteenth century which is preserved and maintained at Marlsgate Plantation. 


The mansion is not simply the home of one family.  Its rooms, its furniture, its paintings, its countless mementos illuminate the rich historical and cultural heritage of the American South, the habits and traditions of its people, the triumphs and tragedies of its past.  As custodians of this heritage, we are endeavoring to ensure that this magnificent house and its treasures will be preserved and thus make the past come alive for future generations.  We hope very much that you will enjoy your visit.


Marlsgate: A Mansion of Arkansas

Fourteen miles southeast of the city of Little Rock stands Marlsgate Plantation, a stately columned Greek Revival Mansion shaded by ancient oaks and a pecan grove overlooking the waters of Bearskin Lake.    Continue Reading