Cooking Classes

Marlsgate Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

"Private" Cooking Classes... YOUR favorite thing. And we love them, too! We can host your private group of 8-16 friends and create a menu. Or we also have several classes each year that you can sign up for individually. If you love to cook, entertain, or just appreciate the pleasure of great food, Marlsgate is the place to indulge in your cooking passions.

Come out and toast, stir, laugh, and feast. Making recipes and making memories, the Marlsgate way!

We use Seasonal harvests from local producers, farm-to-table eating, we love trying new cuisine ideas from our chef. We have done a variety style of classes from comfort foods, and artisanal treats, Italian, Cajun... YOU name it!

Let us reflect your style and create your experience for your group.

If you don't have a group, you can join in on one of the classes we offer annually at Marlsgate.  Contact us for the details on the next cooking class or to book your private cooking class with your friends.